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Strategy games have been around for millennia. From the early version of Chess to tabletop wargames, humans have always been looking for ways to challenge our friends in battles of wits.

With such a long history, strategy games have evolved over the years, branching off into several sub-genres that sometimes overlap. They include map-based area control games, worker placement and resource management games, and wargames. To muddy the waters even further, many modern games draw elements from several of those styles, defying genre altogether.

There are a mix of intensities and play styles represented here, from classic Eurogames like Catan and Stone Age to gorgeous-but-brutal independent wargames like Root and Scythe. Read on for our favourite strategy board games to introduce at your next game night.

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7 Wonders Duel

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7 Wonders 2nd Edition

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Spirit Island

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The Isle of Cats

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Dune imperium

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204 products