Ugh! *Sun Damage*

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*Sun Damage to Packaging* 

Ugh is the life of a caveman through the eyes of John Kovalic.

In Ugh! you encounter the Stone Age life by pushing your luck against the deck and trying to lock in as many sets of cards as you can before you are abruptly shocked by a natural disaster... Ugh! Each turn you can flip over up to three cards, all of which are good options for your set. But look out, if you're feeling too confident, you might get hit hard with the Ugh card! Flip, take and lock your cards wisely in this game that will have you laughing until the cool cards run out. Like life itself, it's Paleo-riffic, until it's Ugh! 

  • 110 cards: 4 Wild cards, 28 Ugh! cards, 78 Number cards
  • Game rules
2-6 players
Ages 8 to adult
15 minutes playing time

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