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Part of a series of deluxe card games, Parade transports you to Wonderland, just in time for a grand event! All in costume, people walk in the streets. Try to keep everyone in the parade by not wearing the same costume as those already present. If you do, people will leave the parade with a negative attitude.

Parade is a quirky card game for two to six players, who take turns adding characters to the parade, such as Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. But as the parade goes on, these crazy characters are likely to leave. Adding cards to the end of the parade causes some cards further up the line to enter removal mode. If cards in removal mode match the color or have a value less than or equal that of the card you just played, you must remove those cards from the parade and place them in front of you. Remember, since you want people in the parade, these cards will count against you at the end of the game. You'll need to be clever in how you play your cards if you want to keep the parade going for as long as you can!

Now why can’t we all just get along?

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