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Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson deliver something new in the Munchkin universe: a fresh new collectible card game that holds up to competitive-level play but still retains the goofy silliness for which Munchkin is famous. Munchkin Collectible Card Game is a combat game in which 2-4 players level up turn after turn, put loot into play to give themselves benefits, and attack (or bluff attacks!) against one another. Eliminate the other player first, and you win! In the words of co-designer Eric Lang, "Munchkin TCG is a very different game from Munchkin. Imagine all the awesome humor of Munchkinas a short, competitive head-to-head slugfest." The card game will be distributed as fixed two-player starter sets and randomized booster expansions.

Players get all the spooky fun times they could ever want for their Munchkin Collectible Card Game decks with the Grave Danger expansion. Every booster has 12 random cards, including one rare (or better) card, so players can build their own frightfully strong decks and squish their opponents! Key Features: • 24 booster packs in each POP display • Players are guaranteed to receive at least one rare card (or better) with every pack! • Original artwork by Katie Cook, Lar deSouza, Mike Luckas, Brandon Moore, Len Peralta, Tom Siddell, and Lee Simpson.

12 Card Booster

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