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GPK Beasty Boyd 04

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Those disgusting, abnormal and deformed kids have escaped the garbage pail and are set to join your Funko collection courtesy of the gross new wave of Garbage Pail Kids Pop! Vinyl Figures!

After gaining popularity from their successful 1987 Topps trading card series, the Garbage Pail kids went on to launch their own tv show, movie, action figures and more. They were very controversial due to their "gross out" nature, even getting banned in schools and having their TV show banned in the U.S. Well have no fear because nobody can stop you know from having your very own Garbage Pail Kid!

This Pop! features Beastly Boyd, aka Semi Colon, a boy who is normal-looking on the left side, but a misshapen, green monster on the right side.

Add the Garbage Pail Kids to your Funko collection today!