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Introducing the New Game of Phones!

What Will You Share Next? Game of Phones is a card game where all you need is your smartphone to take on creative and unexpected challenges. It’s the ultimate digital scavenger hunt!

Whether you’re looking for a fun family card game, an icebreaker activity, or a new type of phone game to play with friends, Game of Phones brings people together through the technology we use every day.

Do I need a smartphone? Yep! Any new apps needed? Nope!


  • Innovative use of a mobile phone
  • Always relevant since you are using things you can find using your mobile
  • No complicated rules to get in the way of fun!


  • Relatable since everybody has a mobile phone
  • Capitalises on social media trends of making games or challenges out of contents from people's phones
  • Attractive colourful box that stands out on shelves

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