Galaxy Hunters

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In Galaxy Hunters, 2 to 4 players take on the role of mercenaries hired by the Megacorps to hunt and harvest the rampant mutations. Featuring an inventive pilot and mech combination system, pairing different pilots with different mechs unlocks new powers and special abilities. Using money earned for harvesting DNA from the creatures, players upgrade their mechs with new weapons and items. Galaxy Hunters seamlessly blends the excitement of crafting a unique character with the deep strategy of Eurogame-style worker placement.

Game Content:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 4  65mm Battle Mech Figures
  • 4 Pilot Tiles & 4 Mech Tiles
  • 45 Mission Cards & 24 Specialist Cards
  • 30 Mutant Tiles, 45 Mech Upgrade Tiles & 13 Pilot Upgrade Tiles
  • 100 DNA Tokens, 32 Resource Tokens & 8 Status Tokens
  • 4 Resource Trackers
  • 12 Agent Ships
  • 90 Stats Cubes
  • 7 Reputation, Turn and Invasion Markers

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