FAB Arcane Rising Booster Pack (Unlimited)

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Unlimited edition

Arcane Rising contains 219 cards

(126 commons, 48 rares, 15 super rares, 10 majestics, 5 legendaries, 1 fabled, 14 tokens).

Arcane Rising becomes legal for official constructed format tournament play on its official release date: March 27, 2020.

Arcane Damage

Arcane damage is a new form of dealing damage that is introduced in Arcane Rising. It is primarily dealt by spellcasters and requires unique ways for the opponent to prevent the damage.

Example card:

Voltic Bolt

Pitch: 1
Cost: 2

Wizard Action

Deal 5 arcane damage to target hero.

Defence: 3

  • Arcane damage cannot be defended using the defence value of cards in hand or with defence reactions.
  • Arcane damage must be prevented with arcane barrier (more details below) or cards that specify preventing arcane damage or (any) damage.

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