Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies

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Prepare for an all-out war between surviving colonies in the Warring Colonies expansion for Dead of Winter! A conflict is brewing over resources and territory and the fate of your colony is at stake. Combine this box with a copy of Dead of Winter or Dead of Winter: The Long Night to add new survivors, items, crossroads cards, and crisis cards to the game, or combine all three for an epic colony vs. colony variant for up to eleven players. Pick a side or become the Lone Wolf, playing both sides to accomplish your secret goals. No matter what you choose, you’ll face plenty of new challenges in this harsh, zombie-infested world.

Key Selling Points

• Compete for resources and territory with up to eleven players in the epic colony vs. colony variant

• Expand your Dead of Winter games with new survivors, items, crossroads cards, and crisis cards

• Play as the Lone Wolf, loyal to none and driven by your own secret motives

• Race against time with new simultaneous play mechanics

• Add variety to every item deck with the new Random Items module

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