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Battleship Galaxies

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Hunt. Destroy. Win. 

Outsmart and outmaneuver your enemy with courage, instinct and strategy as the theater of battle launches into the vast reaches of space. 

When Saturn's mining settlement is attacked by warmongering aliens known as The Wretcheridians, the newly-commissioned First Fleet of the Intergalactic Space Navy races back from the edges of the solar system to mount a fierce defense against the invaders. Outgunned and outnumbered, the brave young ISN officers strategically drive the battle deep into the rings of Saturn to begin a deadly game of seek and destroy. Command the ISN fleet and defend the settlement. Or lead the attack as the commander of the ruthless Wretcheridian invaders.

DESIGN YOUR FLEET: Choose from solo ships or squadrons in avariety of sizes, strengths, weapons, special powers and more.

BUILDY OUR DECK: Use your Tactic Cards strategically to add weapons, heroes, powerful attacks and ship upgrades.

REVEAL, MOVE AND ATTACK: Command your fleet as it finds and fires upon enemy ships. Destroy their fleet before they destroy yours.

INCLUDES A 48-PG GRAPHICNOVEL: Meet the heroes. Witness the battles. Watch the epic adventure unfold.