A Game of Throne LCG: 2016 World Championship Joust Deck

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Newly redesigned with gorgeous, full-bleed art, this deck is a card-forcard recreation of the Lannister Banner of the Wolf deck that Joe Mirando piloted to victory on the tourney ground of the 2016 A Game of
Thrones: The Card Game World Championships. Whether you’re a new player looking for a pre-made deck as an entry point to the game, an intermediate player who wants to use this deck as a guide for experimentation, or an expert looking for full-art versions of iconic cards and extra copies of key neutral cards, this deck has something to offer for every player.

Key Selling Points
• Play the deck used by Joe Mirando to win the 2016 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championships
• Fully redesigned cards with gorgeous, full-bleed art and minimized graphic design
• Features iconic characters, attachments, locations, and events from House Lannister and House Stark
• A perfect entry point for new players or a way for veterans to collect more copies of useful neutral cards
• Contains sixty-nine cards: one faction card, one agenda card, seven 8 41333 10328 6 plots, and a sixty-card draw    deck

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