Frequently Asked Questions

Is this that laser tag place?

It sure is! as well as all our cool stuff we have going on with lasers, arrows, virtual reality and golf we also have this awesome fully stocked game store! 

You don't have what I want!! 

Flick us a message Here or on our Facebook page and we will see what we can do! we are happy to have a search of even the most obscure games and save you from those pesky international shipping fees.    

Is this game any good? 

We like to think that everything we stock is pretty cool, but we do have a selection of our games open in store if you would like to have a play before you buy! Just ask the crew at the counter where to find them. 

I don't have anyone to play my cool new game with! 

Thats no good! luckily we have a bunch of cool people who come in every week and play a range of different games. 

Check out our weekly events page or keep an eye out on Facebook for other events like pre-releases, tournaments and one offs.  

Can I run my own events?

Sure you can! Just contact us and we will work with you to sort it out.

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